Toothpaste Buying Guide

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ADA Seal of Acceptance for Safety and Efficacy

Toothpaste has a central role in our daily oral hygiene ritual. Along with floss and toothbrush, toothpaste can help removing dental plaque and food debris from our teeth and gums. We use toothpaste in order to promote oral hygiene because it has active ingredients that can help assist in preventing gum disease, tooth decay and in suppressing halitosis.


Toothpaste may come in different forms and brands but they contain the same general ingredients and components. Mild abrasive is an ingredient which helps remove surface stains and food debris. Humectants are an essential component that keeps it from drying out while thickening agents are being used to stabilize the formula. Flavoring agents are what give the toothpaste a minty scent or a little bit sweetness. The foaming action in your toothpaste is coming from detergent that helps spread your toothpaste through the mouth.


Toothpastes may have all the same basic components but you should remember that these products are not created equally. Some toothpaste contains active ingredients for added benefits. Aside from fluoride, these active ingredients can help to whiten teeth, improve sensitivity and reduce tartar build-up and gingivitis.


With so many products out there, how do you pick the right toothpaste? When buying one, make sure to look for ADA Seal of Acceptance. Toothpastes with American Dental Association seal of acceptance contain fluoride that fights natural cavity and strengthens the teeth. Products with ADA seal are your assurance for effectiveness and safety. Regardless of your preferred brands make sure it provides scientific evidence that meets the standard requirements of ADA Council.


Price that Adds Extra Sparkle in your Smile

Several toothpastes contain active ingredients to prevent plague and gingivitis. Some toothpaste also offers whitening chemicals to add extra sparkle in your smile by removing surface stains. Although these are added active ingredients, you can certainly find several options of brands in the market that fit to your budget. Sometimes, it also pays to spend a little more for brands with regards of efficacy than settle in regular toothpaste especially if you’re looking for products with effective polishing agents, enamel protection and tartar fighting abilities.


Enjoy your Sweets and Colds without Guilt!

When your teeth aches even at the mere thought of an ice cream, chances are you have sensitive teeth. If this is the case, it is best to choose products with sensitive-teeth formula. Toothpaste with sensitive-teeth formula has the ability of blocking the common stimulus from going through your root surface. You can enjoy your ice creams and sweets without having to worry about your sensitive teeth.
Lastly, it also helps to ask recommendation of toothpaste and brands from your trusted dentists to find the product that’s appropriate for you!


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