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Stopwatch functions by measuring elapsed time between two specific points. Modern stopwatch is specifically made in the style of impressive Victorian pocket watches with buttons on the top. The central button will activate and stop measuring mechanism of time.  The second of the stopwatch provides a dual purpose. By pressing the second button while the timer’s running it enables recording o lap times. Meanwhile pressing it while the timer is stopped, it will reset to neutral position.


Digital stopwatches were already used in various official sporting events in 1970s. Today, consumers tend to be in the market to buy stopwatches for various reasons. Vintage stopwatch collecting is one of the most obvious reasons to buy vintage range timepieces. While others want to own a wearable timepiece as they start their running journey to track their runs and potentially improve their performance.


Regardless of your reasons, buying the right stopwatch is a decision that’s not getting any easier. Casio, Polar and Garmin were popular choices of digital stopwatches back in the day. However, consumers are now confronted with seamless options of features and brands. In order to help you get your perfect match of stopwatch, we have put together these tips to narrow down the options.


Perfect Match of Stopwatch for your Needs

Manufacturers offer stopwatches in digital and mechanical varieties. Understanding the difference of these two technologies will allow you to better understand stopwatch functions and make a more suitable choice at the end of the day. Mechanical stopwatch requires being winds up by user in order to function and operate.


On the other hand, a digital stopwatch is powered by crystal oscillators. They are electronic piece that work to produce electronic frequency with the help of vibrating quartz. This unique function is what makes digital stopwatch more accurate than mechanical ones. This basic understanding may help you decide which type of stopwatch function you would likely prefer.


Once you know the type of stopwatches to buy, the next time is to identify your purpose behind the purchase. Major brands and makes produce stopwatches for a number of various purposes. There are stopwatches that are manufactured in specific events such as water sports, track and field, team sports and individual pursuit events.


Meanwhile, modern sport swatch can come in general fitness, scientific and educational functions. Even if you don’t have particular event in mind, consider related functions and specific timing you would require from a stopwatch. Modern digital timepiece also comes in more advanced features like distance covered, GPS, compass functions, backlighting and temperature functions.


Popular Models and the Best Brands

Whether you want to purchase mechanical or digital timepiece, you should always compare popular models and aim to buy from reputable manufacturers. If you are a vintage-product enthusiast on the other hand, purchasing from reputable collectors can be a great option. Researching reputable stopwatch manufacturers requires browsing and comparing consumer reviews, company information and consumer blogs.


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