Printing Calculator Buying Guide

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Overview of printing calculators

Printing calculators are calculators used in the financial sector. Much larger than standard and pocket calculators, the buttons are easier to use, greatly increasing speed for financial calculations. The viewing display is also larger for more efficient readings. Desktop printing calculators are AC power-based instead of battery-powered.


Instead of replacing batteries, the cost is offset as the printing function is reliant on replacement of the ink and paper supplies. However, to prevent unnecessary waste, the power of the printer is turned off.


Basic features of a printing calculator

To operate the calculators, powered battery or plug-in were used and sometimes both. Calculators have their own weight: the ordinary weighs 4 pounds but heavy-duty models weigh closer to 8 pounds. Ink rollers or ribbons are used to print on receipt paper. They are able to print out additional information such as date and time, item, etc. with numeric and function keys.


Additional features

The computing power of these devices is fairly limited to standard arithmetic, though some will offer advanced features, such as memory recall and programmable Tax keys. Higher-end models offer additional features like multiple ink colors, noise level and print speed.

The addition to the printing function provides users the opportunity to review all entered calculations and verify them. As proof of accuracy, these print outs are removed from the calculator and stored with documents.


The best printing calculator

Printing calculators are the best when they incorporate a fast and durable printing unit of clear printouts in one or two colors. For added convenience, keyboards are made ergonomic that have large displays making it the best choice to use in busy offices. Productive performance is ensured by fast print speeds.


Save time with the quick receipt printing calculator

Quick receipt calculator is used for customers who are always in a hurry in paying their bills. By printing the grand total, sub-total, tax-amount and tax-rate along with a date and time stamp, a detailed breakdown is given. Use the date and time stamp feature receipt calculator to sort out your receipts, minimize your clutter and lost receipts.


If you are operating a business, a printing calculator is a “must have”. You will have peace of mind knowing that this device will give an honest feature of your income as well all obligations your income will go. Purchase one and watch the progress of your operation. Happy counting!


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