Outdoor Heater Buying Guide

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Outdoor Heater Benefits

With the warmth of a patio heater, you can easily enjoy the relaxing ambiance of your outdoors during mild winter nights. An outdoor propane heater not just warms up space but can also compliment your decor. Use it as a centerpiece for proper heat, luminescence, and comfort. Moreover, these outdoor gas heaters are completely safe, eco-friendly and energy efficient.


Types of Patio Heaters

Patio heaters often come in a myriad of varieties, designs, and styles. You can purchase a standing patio heater with a sturdy base which can be placed and moved easily. You can pick a space-saving model of a mounted patio heater. You can opt for a petite propane or electric tabletop heater or a hanging model for an enclosed gazebo or a compact porch area.

Whichever model you pick for your outdoor space, remember to check if it is eco-friendly, fitted with a tip over switch, and has an installed safety switch shut-off mechanism for emergency situations.


Factors to Consider While Purchasing an Outdoor Heater

Here are some features to look for before you buy outside heaters:
Consider the size of your porch or outdoor area where you want to install an outdoor heater. Depending on the size of the space that requires heating as well as the probable placement of the patio heater you can decide which one will serve best for your patio.

Different patio heaters use different power sources like electricity, propane, and natural gas. Each of them generates a specific amount of BTU. You must identify the BTU requirement for your space before you select a particular type of outdoor heater. While tabletop heaters may suffice a small space, you will require more powerful freestanding gas-powered models for medium to large-sized patio.

Check for assembly-type and control mechanism. Pick fully-assembled models that can be easily maneuvered and immediately put to use. Also, check that the selected model has simple control settings and one-touch ignition control. You can also pick a model with a remote control for easy modulation.

Check for the enclosed warranty. The patio and outdoor gas heater manufactured with quality materials come with a long warranty. This also signifies that they are resistant to tough environmental conditions.


Some Safety Tips for Easy Maintenance of Your Patio Heaters

  • Keep your patio heater at a distance from flammable materials to avoid fire hazards.
  • Remember to turn off all the gas valves while cleaning the heating unit of your propane heater.
  • Cover and protect your heating unit from outdoor elements when not in use. Also, use a patio cover to forbid dust and critter from entering the burner.
  • Remove the reflector while storing your outdoor heater to avoid probable damage due to mishandling.

Create a perfect atmosphere for unwinding in your patio or porch with an effective outdoor heater.


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