Mp3 & Mp4 Players Buying Guide

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MP3 & MP4 Players have a functionality that you can find in most modern smartphones. However, despite the fact that some would consider this technology dead, a lot of people are still using them, and the demand is there. But why is that? The reason is simple; people do want to keep their music on a device that’s dedicated solely to that and which has a good battery life. Regular smartphones have a battery that barely lasts for a single day, so it’s always important to opt for units like these.


Battery life

Obviously, the primary concern when you purchase MP3 & MP4 Players is their battery life. Most of the time, you will want to opt for the longest battery life, so make sure that your desired unit can last for at least 10-20 hours of continual playback. This will make it easy for you to handle everything adequately and you won’t have to charge the player each day.



Since you want to purchase a portable unit, you want to focus on getting the MP3 & MP4 Players that are small and easy to maneuver. The idea is that you still want to have a good screen size, but at the same time you have to limit that a bit in order to acquire more functionality. That’s what gives the most value in the end.



The more storage space you can have, the better. That doesn’t mean you will need 160 GB. It all comes down to how much music you know you will listen. 1 Gb or 2 GB may be enough if you want 500 or 1000 songs. If you believe you want to have tens of thousands of songs with you, then you will require 80 or 160 GB of storage space. It all comes down to your needs and how many songs you will want!


Video or not

Here you will have to choose between MP3 & MP4 Players. If you want to run videos, you will need to purchase an MP4 unit, as that’s the only one capable of running video content. If you don’t need that though and you just want to listen to MP3s, then an MP3 player will be more than ok.


Computer connectivity

Some MP3 & MP4 Players will connect directly to online services to get your music; others will require you to rip your music to MP3 from your DVDs or CDs. The best option would be to have direct connectivity to the computer, so you can easily add more tunes if you so desire.


In the end, finding the right MP3 & MP4 Players is not that hard. It all comes down to identifying the right features and accessing them as fast as possible. Do that, take your time and study all the options, you will find that results can easily shine in the end!


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