Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

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Why you should have a make-up mirror?

A bathroom makeup mirror will improve the way you put on your makeup. Whether you’re getting ready to take on the day or you’re going out for a night on the town, the right mirror will help you see your face (and makeup) as it really is. Your guest will appreciate the make-up mirror in your guest bathroom. They will feel your goodwill by the way you value and pamper your visitors.


A good make-up mirror in every bathroom will make your home a more valuable asset. When a house is sold, the kitchen, especially the bathrooms are among the features most considered.


Wall mounted or free-standing make-up mirror

Well-mounted mirror is great choice if makeup is applied in the bathroom. Select the type you can adjust if you want a sitting or standing position. A vanity mirror that is free-standing is flexible that can be moved wherever you want it to be. This model type often has LED lighting.



Every beauty routine accessory must have high quality. Brass makes the ideal makeup mirror not only is it sturdy but can withstand the damp area of the bathroom. Steel is a good option as long as the finish is made from high quality non-corrosion materials. Some kind of plastic makes satisfactory frames and for its other non- mobile parts. However, the manufacturer’s reliability and reputation is the prime indicator of quality product. Find the right cosmetic mirror so you actually see what you’re applying and where. It helps you look your best every day.


Opt for led lighting

The newest, most reliable source of technological light is LED lighting. Depending on its process of manufacturing, colors are anywhere in its brightness and visible spectrum. It is an energy-saver as it costs much less than any lamp whether incandescent or fluorescent type and it has very long life. LED light in magnifying mirror is dependent on the option of the maker is he wants LED bulbs to be an energy-saver as well as money-saver.


Consider the cost

Mirrors run the gamut of prices from very low to astonishingly high. The proper choice for a mirror is to select the one that meets your needs and is within your budget. Lower quality mirrors are useful for a few years but then the time comes when it has lost its usefulness then it has to be replaced. While top of the line magnifying mirror can provide a lifetime of service.


Some people consider a mirror a good one as long as they see their reflection. For others, it is valuable much more than just a simple glass. So have a vanity mirror in your home that will make you happy, do what you need it to do, let it last a long time and be a reflection of your good taste.


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