Household Mixer Buying Guide

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Lots of factors to consider when you buy kitchen food mixer

The best mixer must be able to address all your cooking needs; price range must be competitive and the size & weight right for you and your kitchen. Varied speed settings are attached that makes preparation easy and faster for concocting different types of foods. Its over-all look must complement other appliances and utensils. It is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Lastly, noise level is low so members of the house continue to enjoy the peace and quiet they deserved.


Colors galore in food mixer!

The appliance is so popular that it is the No. 1 item that most brides prefer in their bridal registry country-wise. Being a popular choice, there are 11 silver shades among its 40 colors. In 2017, the most in-demand color was Pistachio. Presently, the mixer now comes in more than 86 shades including. Among the latest hues added are dull creamy avocado, darkest shade of violet, bold dark blue and milkshake color.


Hand mixer versus stand mixer

Hand mixer is your type of kitchen mixer if you are an occasional baker or you require more space or low in cash. It eliminates the inconvenience of baking for it speedily accomplishes lighter baking jobs. On the other hand, stand mixer is for serious baker or doing multi-tasking in kitchen appliances. A stand mixer is your ace for tougher mixing tasks such as dough kneading, pastry making and thicker mixes.


Opt for the in-between: It is better to use a hand mixer with stand that functions between a hand mixer and stand mixer. Detachable hand mixer fits onto a stand with a bowl, so you can pick it up easily and use it to mix, or slot it into the base while it automatically mixes.


Novel attachments in a row!

There are more than 14 attachments available. Most popular one is the flex-edge beater with a flexible silicon scraping edge. Other more expensive attachments are the pasta roller & cutter and the food grinder. Most users grind wheat as alternatives to baking without the use of gluten.


Another new attachment in the food mixer is a spiralizer that cores, peels and slices veggies and fruits in interesting four sizes. Or it leaves the skin on potatoes or curly fries. Always see that novel attachments like veggie slicer, grain mills, ice cream makers and pasta rollers are included.


New Year means new gadgets

New kitchen appliance for 2018 is your gift for yourself as kitchen chef. With new trends and its added features, you will be cooking like a pro! With a kitchen and food mixer with many attachments, your daily cooking chores will be as easy as eating a bowl of rainbow jellos. Remember what the best chefs in gay Paris said when they acknowledged the working wonders of kitchen mixeu?


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