Hand Cream Buying Guide

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A good hand cream keeps the skin on your hands smooth and nourished, supple and soft. Remember, the first signs of ageing show on your hands. You can overcome this using a good hand cream that can repair damage.

Normal body lotion will not serve the deep moisturizing needs required for your hands, especially if you have done rough work with them. Hands are exposed to water, different temperatures, and chemicals from the garden. Even your kitchen soap or bath gel could dry out the skin on your hands.

A lot of us forget about the fact that our hands are probably the most used parts of our body, and as a result, they are almost the most neglected. You use your hands to do most of your house chores and your professional work. The skin on your hands may be damaged from all of this.


What makes a good hand cream?

Hand creams that contains SPF can help you protect the skin on your hands from the sun. Moisturizer comes highly recommended for your skin, enjoy the feel of supple soft hands when using a good quality hand cream. Good hand cream gives your hand a smooth feel and also brings a feeling of freshness in the way it smells.

There are many types of hand creams made for different purposes. Herbal creams give you a natural way to make your skin feel better. Hand balms that contain natural ingredients can help repair damaged skin and keep it from being damaged again in the future.

Using creams that contain herbs and essentials can be very beneficial to the skin whether you are looking to heal damaged skin, or maintain suppleness. One of the most used herbs in hand creams is Aloe Vera, which is famous for its positive effect on the skin.

The testing protocols on hand creams are very important, ensure that the product uses only FDA approved ingredients and tests. Using products that are not vouched for by the FDA can have adverse side effects which are best avoided.


Using Hand Creams

If you add a hand cream routine to your regular schedule you can help yourself relax better. Find some time to kick back and give yourself a quick hand massage. Let the cream be absorbed into your skin completely as you do this so that you benefit fully from its application.

Hand creams and hand salves also help your cuticles. You can have stronger, healthier nails by massaging a hand cream into your fingertips every day. If you want to grow your nails and make sure they don’t break easily, a good hand cream is a great place to get started.


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