Hair Cutting Shears Buying Guide

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When is it time to cut your hair?

Long hair is your crowning glory but it is sometimes necessary for you to get a haircut, especially if you want to keep your hair strong and healthy. Once your hair splits on the ends the best remedy is to use hairdressing scissors to trim the hair just above the split end. You will need to trim your hair often if you are coloring them to avoid damaging the ends. If you have bangs, it might be necessary to have it trim every two weeks.


Buying hair cutting shears

Shears that are used for cutting hair have the length of about 6 inches with equal-sized “eyes” and handles. But others are larger in size and can be under 6 inches and over in length and usually with one handle that is longer than the other.


Scissors are used for lighter cutting tasks but look for a harder blade so you will always have uniformity when cutting. Each time you open and close the scissors, it must feel smooth and emphasize that every cut feels this way with the scissor to prevent fatigue. At any given position, blades should always meet at only one point and they should be concave, slightly, on the insides.


The screws joining the blades and important so allow a professional to sharpen the blades and reassemble them with ease. The handle of the hair scissors should have a comfortable “eye” for the fingers to fit. Find scissor handles that fit you as this is surely the shear that works best for you.


Maintaining your shears in top condition

You should have your scissors resharpened by a professional on frequent occasions. At the point close to the screw, add few drops of oil to help you maintain them for longer periods of time.


Are hair shears the same as barber scissors?

They are different as barber scissors are composed of two blades. One is movable and the other is a stationary or a still blade and these blades are fastened with tension screws to serve as pivot. Most barber scissors are made from tempered stainless steel to ensure hardness and durability. When he travels, the best barber shears are carried around and kept in a handy case.


Best cutting shears in beauty salons

Even in beauty salons professional hair shears need to be sharp and must stay sharp so they are often made from stainless steel. In salons, they have hair shears especially for blending or thinning hair, and they need to maintain either a razor edge or an edge resembling a comb. The best shears will include a razor edge.


The handle is ergonomic that helps to protect hairdressers’ fingers and wrist as they work. Most range between 5 and 7 inches long, but there are also exceptions. Like any other tool, hair-cutting shears should perfectly fir the hands.


Hair dressing scissors have versatile uses to cut or trim the hair of folks at home. This is another ergonomics way to utilize your hair shears.


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