Dumbbell Buying Guide

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Workout through a Greater Range

Dumbbell is a great piece of equipment to include in your strength and weight training arsenal. Exercise & Fitness Dumbbell allows a number of variety with your with your strength training and workout. It even provides a few significant benefits compared to barbells. There are several types, weights and styles of dumbbells available for a variety of workouts and skill level.


An exercise & fitness dumbbell is also made of different materials and constructions. Hex dumbbell is generally made out of cast iron coated with paint or rubber. Meanwhile, a pro style is made from solid steel and coated with either rubber or paint. Anyone can make his very own weight set from home using milk bottles filled with sand, water, sand and concrete.


An adjustable weight set consists of a metal bar with engraved crosshatch pattern at the centre portion to enhance grip. It has weight plates that are slid onto its outer portion to adjust and increment weight. Fixed weight hand weight is made from rigid plastic shell on outer portion filled with concrete. Selectorized barbell has moving selector pin to adjust weight rather than manually removing or adding weight plates.


High Quality Everyday Essential

There are a number of reasons why many people preferred dumbbells over barbells in weight and strength training. A hand weight is more joint-friendly compared to barbell. People with previous elbow or shoulder issues can use dumbbells in their workout regimens without any trouble. Dumbbells are also ideal for limited space while ensuring a unilateral training that ensures strength balance. More so, it is generally safer to perform workouts and various types of physical activities using dumbbells compared to barbells.


Efficacy and Safety

Choosing the right hand weight to use is an essential process that you should never overlook. Keep in mind that physical abilities and skill levels will require a certain type of weight, style and type of dumbbell. Here are some factors to consider when deciding which piece of equipment to choose.


Know your skill level. Never let your ego decide on what dumbbell and weight plate to pick. Know your physical abilities then choose training equipment that corresponds to your strength – it’s better to start light and increment weight as time goes by. Starting beyond your physical ability and skill level may only cause injury or strain.


Choose the material that’s right for your needs. Dumbbells made from steel are stylish and classic while rubber construction is known for its thickness, easy to grip functions and durability. SBX material is made of odorless, natural rubber while urethane possesses more durability and higher quality compared to rubber.

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