Dog Training Pad Buying Guide

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Typically, a pack of puppy training pads cost between USD 15 – USD 25 for around 100 pads. This should last you over a month if you have only 1 dog. The pet training pad is perfect for people who live in apartments. The pads are easy to place and clean anywhere in your home. They are best used in connection with training to make sure your home stays clean.


Choose one that is right for your surroundings

If you want to use puppy pads to get your pet used to them, before taking them outside and training them, it helps to have a pad that smells like grass. Either that or it should smell like dirt which will encourage the puppy to go outside. Make sure to use the pet training pad correctly, since wrong use can get your puppy used to needing the pad. This means that the puppy will continue to piss inside the house without the puppy training pads.


Pick the right one for your dog’s size

The age and the size of the dog breed is important. The bigger the dog, the more absorption you will need on the pet training pad for it to be effective. Naturally, bigger dogs pee more, albeit less frequently. Puppies can use the same pad multiple times without there being much of a noxious build up.

Bigger dogs however need heavy duty training pads if you need to use them multiple times. Some pads have a gel that dries up the pee in a few short minutes, making them extra absorbent.


Scented Training Pads

Not only do the pads serve as a way to train your dog while keeping your house clean, they also come in scented models like Lavender and Rose. These will keep your house smelling nice even after your dog has used it. You no longer have to worry about the horrible smell that greets you when you are home after a long day of work.

The scented pads also make the training regimen more effective. Since the dog has multiple markers for its training.


Other Features

Some of the training pads are infused with activated carbon which is really good at eliminating urine and its odor. These pads are ideal for puppy or dog crates. Especially if the pet has to spend a long time in this. They are also great for sick dogs who have difficulty moving around.

There are also floor anchored pet training pads that help you restrict the pad to just 1 place. This is really important if you have more than one dog and they tend to be over energetic.


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