Cut Resistant Gloves Buying Guide

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How To Choose The Right Cut Resistant Gloves?

There is a lot of confusion in choosing the cut-proof gloves as it has to be decided which level of these gloves are the best one. When you are looking for the most optimum solution to prevent yourself from the injury, then you need to decide about the level of cut resistant that is safe for you.

Before buying, one needs to consider many things for choosing the right one. He needs to what hazards he will face at the work environment and does he needs extra protections such as additional grip, puncture/ heat-resistance. The gloves are compared on the basis of grip, abrasion, and comfort level and heat resistance.

Selection of cut-proof gloves also depends on the worker’s encounter with low, moderate or high-level hazard. This level will decide which gloves will suit the work environment. With so many options available in the market, no one wants to choose the wrong one and wrong selection can lead to getting hurt.

People must answer these questions first when they decide to buy the cut-resistant gloves. Do they need increased dexterity and grip along with the snag resistance. Further, do they need protection against cuts, abrasions, tears, force and puncture? Will they working in extreme heat and cold. Do they come in contact with electric current? Do they need gloves either with padding or ergonomic support? Answering to all these questions will help in deciding the right cut resistant gloves.

The fibers of these gloves can be Kevlar, spectra, Dyneema and metal mesh. Each fiber has its own characteristics. Kevlar gloves is the most popular one that offers the protection and dexterity. It contains Kevlar fiber which offers high level of cut resistance. It falls under A2 ANSI level. It is ideal to work in high heat conditions. It is suitable for the food preparation and handling of automotive applications.

You can choose either k-safety gloves or cutters gloves, it all depends on the working environment and the type of work you are engaged with. Cut-resistant gloves must be chosen as per the level and each level of protection is for specific tasks. Choose the one that fulfills the requirement.


Why Cut Resistant Gloves

Cuts, slices, punctures and abrasions are some of the common workplace injuries. These injuries are the cause of loss of productivity at the workplaces. So, it is important to maintain the efficiency of the workers. In order to do so, cut resistant gloves will play an important role. These protective gloves have their own set of features and one will surely get the benefit from these as they assure the protection of your hands from cuts.


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