Chopsticks Buying Guide

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Beauty and Functions

Chopsticks have always been an important part in Asian culture. They were first used in China and are often tapered. But today, westerners became accustomed in utilizing bamboo chopsticks when cooking or eating, most especially Asian cuisines. These eating instruments are typically made of wood, bamboo, plastic or stainless steel.


A Variety of Style and Options

Chopsticks also come in a wide variety of styles, lengths and constructions. For instance, Japanese chopsticks are about 40 cm long commonly used to deep fry foods. Japanese chopsticks are known for their pointed style. Another example? Korean chopsticks are also very famous and preferred styles by consumers. They come in a flat rectangular shape and medium length. Metal and stainless steel are the most common materials used in Korean chopsticks where the grip is often ornately decorated.


Today, these eating instruments serve several functions beyond being tableware. Many people shop for the best pair of chopsticks as a gift, collection or essential kitchen decoration. So whether you use chopsticks to eat, serve food or give as a present, you need to select the perfect utensil for the job. Finding the perfect bamboo chopsticks can be easy when you know some important information about the different materials, varieties and prices that fit your style.


Bringing a more Authentic Feel to your Meal

Look for quality before anything else. If you want to make a straightforward choice, choose a pair of chopsticks that are made from premium quality and are made to last. Chopsticks can be made of a wide variety of materials including metal, wood and plastic. Many of these materials are decorated with different patterns, wordings and colors for added aesthetic appeal. Regardless of which material attracts your eyes, make sure these utensils are high quality so you can enjoy using your chopsticks for a long time.


Aside from quality and materials used in chopsticks, you should also consider the tip and body shape. The tip of your chopsticks might be either rounded or pointed. Pointed tips are used to pick up the smallest grain of your food but they can be less practical when eating vegetables or slippery meals. Meanwhile, rounded tips will allow you to grasp and hold foods of all sizes and shapes.


Chopsticks also range in body shape such as rounded and squared designs. Choosing the right body shape you are most comfortable with will allow you to grip and use the chopsticks without slipping.


Consider your budget. Although chopsticks are generally inexpensive, elegant and expensive models like ivory are highly available. If you will likely use chopsticks on a regular basis, it might be better to invest in a more durable, high quality and expensive pair of chopsticks.


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