Calcium Supplement Buying Guide

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Should you take calcium supplement?

When your body has inadequate calcium intake, it will remove calcium from your bones so they become weak and brittle resulting in osteoporosis. Many doctors recommend that women after reaching menopause include calcium supplements in their daily diet for they now have higher risk of osteoporosis. It is advisable for older women to take calcium supplements. The insufficient amount of calcium in their body can be balanced through diet with supplements filling the gap.


Enjoy several health benefits of calcium supplement.

1. It prevents bone loss in postmenopausal women;

2. It helps with fat loss; a study discovered that the subject given 600 mg of calcium supplement and 125 mgs of vitamin D eliminated more body fat on the restricted diet of calorie than those who were not given the supplement.

3. It may help lower the risk of colon cancer

4. Taking calcium vitamin D supplement might vastly improve metabolic markers.

5. Children of women who took calcium vitamins while pregnant have lower blood pressure at age seven than the children of mothers who had no calcium supplement.

6. After they were given calcium vitamin D supplement, overweight, vitamin D-deficient women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) showed much improvement involving issues on inflammation, insulin and levels of triglycerides.


Which are your types of calcium supplements?

Calcium carbonate and Calcium citrate are the two main forms of calcium supplements. Of the two, calcium carbonate is often the best choice as it is the cheapest.


Factors to consider when looking at calcium supplements:

1. Amount of calcium is the key because it’s the actual amount of calcium in the supplement. Every 40 % elemental calcium carbonate has 1,250 milligrams (mg) so always observe strictly the serving size or number required of calcium tablets to get the best results when you determine the amount of calcium used in every serving.

2. Calcium supplements cause few or no side effects. In general, calcium carbonate is the most constipating. You may have to find the right brand or type of calcium supplements that you tolerate the best.

3. Calcium supplements need to interact with different medical prescription consequently; so depending on your medications, you need to take the supplement with your meals or between meals.

4. Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that supplements are safe and claims are truthful.

Calcium supplements are available in a variety of forms that include: calcium tablets, calcium capsules, calcium pills, chews, liquids and powders. If you have difficulty in swallowing calcium pills, opt for calcium that is chewable or in liquid form.

Your body must be able to absorb the calcium vitamins for it to be effective. All types of calcium supplements work best and are better absorbed when taken in small doses at around 500 mg or less during mealtimes. Take calcium supplements that are great options to stay healthy!


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