Briefcase Buying Guide

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Quality that Improves with Age

Briefcases made from quality leather and feature roomy interiors are important factors for people who carry their documents and laptops every day. When a briefcase is chosen properly, it goes beyond the basic purpose as a carrying container for your important documents and devices. A quality briefcase can speak a lot about the person – it can be a style statement. It is a simple work ensemble that adds polish to your professional look and upgrades your wardrobe.


Briefcases have been around the market for centuries. With advanced developments in metal frames, briefcases are now made more durable, practical and ultimately lightweight. These great features make every guy’s journey to his workplace less of a struggle.
But unlike any other products in the market, all briefcases are not created equally. Each manufacturer and brand has incorporated unique features that make their products look more stylish, durable and less expensive. With an overwhelming option of briefcase material, style and brand, choosing the one that fits to your needs can easily become a challenge. So, how do you decide which one to pick and place to your shopping cart?


A Range of Options for the Job

You can start with choosing the right briefcase material. Now, you should remember that briefcase materials make the biggest influence of the product’s appearance, price and durability. When it comes to choosing materials for your briefcase, you’ll have several options including quality leather, metal, fabric and vinyl.


Leather has been the traditional trend that requires minimal maintenance but can look very stylish and last for years. Vinyl is a less expensive option but offers a sleek design. Metal offers contemporary look and are exceptionally sturdy while fabric is lightweight and practical option.


Once you know what briefcase material to get, you can move to the next step which is choosing the briefcase style. They fall into several categories that may help you to decide which variety of briefcase to buy. Briefcases may come with similar features and basic components but they are most distinctive when it comes to styles, between soft-sided and hard-sided versions. Let’s take a look closer to the qualities of hard-sided briefcases. They are the ones with rigid frame typically made from sturdy aluminum, cardboard or plastic with a clasp on top and hinges at the bottom. Hard-sided are popular options for those who are looking for lightweight briefcases, sturdy dividers and strap features that can restrain laptops or documents safely.


Shop at your Price!

Soft-sided such as portfolio and laptop briefcases, come with partial metal frame on top without framing. In general, they are open from the opt where documents can be accessed while the briefcase is vertical. Soft-sided briefcases are generally made of plastic, vinyl or leather construction. They also usually feature a snap or zip closed to keep the items inside the briefcase safely and securely.
Lastly, cost is an essential factor to consider. Inexpensive cases can cost little up-front however it may require immediate replacement therefore it is good to invest on durable and high quality briefcase you can afford.


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