Blood Pressure Monitors Buying Guide

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Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

Cuff Style

The cuff style monitor features a Velcro strap which has a balloon inside it which inflates, it is connected to an electric pump which has a display attached to it. The cuff style BP monitor functions by inflating the balloon to a specific pressure which detects your BP from the brachial artery, which is located in between your bicep and triceps muscles.


Aneroid cuff style monitors can also be seen, which have a manual rubber bulb pump which inflates the cuff, when visiting your doctor or a hospital. To use these devices medical training and/or extensive instructions are required, and moreover, it is recommended that this type of BP monitor should not be used by anyone by themselves.


Wrist/Finger BP Monitors

Usually, health professionals won’t recommend you to use only a wrist or finger style blood pressure monitor. But in fact, a number of doctors will never recommend a finger style monitoring device to be used for anything more than a pulse reading.


Just as you can guess by the name, a wrist BP monitor is used by strapping on to your wrist. Following the instructions are given by the manufacturers is an important thing when you are using the device, they should be read very carefully when putting the device on, and it should be made sure that the device is placed in exactly the way it should be. Typically a wrist monitor is more reliable than a cuff monitor and it provides better results. If you check your BP and get readings that are out of the 120/80 range, it is recommended that you verify your true resting BP using another reliable cuff style device.


Choose the Right Size

Apart from the types, blood pressure monitors also come in varying sizes too. If you want to get readings that are more accurate then it is important that you buy a blood pressure monitor which fits you properly. Your BP monitor will not give accurate readings if the cuff does not fit properly and is too large as it will fail to restrict the blood flow properly. You will face a similar problem if the cuff is too small, as it will restrict a bit too much blood flow which also results in giving you inaccurate readings.


Choose a digital monitor to suit your budget

Blood pressure monitors can be found at varying prices. This change in price depends on the number of extra features that the model you like has, like a built-in memory for example.

Though what you really need to measure your blood pressure accurately is a clinically approved monitor, a pen, and paper to note down your readings. These extra features can prove to be somewhat helpful but they are not necessary for accurate readings.


Battery vs Wall Powered

Usually, BP monitors that are sold for home use are portable and come with replaceable batteries or come with a built-in rechargeable battery inside them. But if you usually have to use your meter often, it would be quite useful to have the option to be able to run it on a plug-in AC adapter.


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