Bird Toy Buying Guide

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Choosing the best bird toys

The best toys for birds appeal to their different senses. Textured toys are good simulants for mouth and feet. Since birds see a wider color spectrum, they need to be stimulated by colors. Tastes are important to stimulate their palate. Sounds give the toys more audio appeal. Sizes offer different look and feel.


Bird toys must offer them challenges, so birds need to play with different puzzles or ladders, and problem-solving toys. The size of the bird determined the size of the toy. Tiny birds play with small, lightweight toys while larger birds can play with mirrors and thicker toy pieces that they enjoy manipulating with their beaks, feet and tongues.


Budgie birds and toys

Budgie makes wonderful pet; ranking just behind dogs and cats, this pet is one of the most popular in the world. This little bird makes charming companion for most pet owners. Just like other pets, budgie toys are important to them.


Budgies are choosy of their toys. There are toys they reject; but you can reintroduce the rejected toy a few days later to see if your bird’s opinion has changed. After a while, budgie will be adapted to the routine changes of his playthings. With bigger aviary, you can provide lots of toys and include more interesting play with obstacle games, frames for multi-level climbing activities, hanging feeders’ courses and more.


Parrot toys

With a bird mirror, a bird ladder and some bird toys, your pet parrot will be happy and occupied. There are various types of parrot toys like wooden toys in bright colors to get your pet bird’s attention. Since sounds are good stimulations for birds and parrots, give them ring and bell toys.


Only safe toys are introduced inside budgies’ cage. Never give playthings whose safety has not been confirmed. Look out for sharp edges, or objects that have gaps or loose threads as bird’s beak, foot, head or toe might get caught. Get rid of loose strings hanging from the top of the cage for it can be dangerous


Natural and safe bird toys

All fun toys for your bird must be highly focused on bird safety. Safe bird hardware must be without lead or zinc. For the bird’s safety: only USDA approved food coloring; no dangerous chemicals are used. Ropes are safe as they are made from 100% natural sisal and cotton. Sourced from USA, vegetable tanned leather and nontoxic natural wood are made as pet toys. Innovative designs are always what pet owners are looking for. Budgie toys made from natural sources are safe toys.


Boredom is bad for birds as it affects pets negatively. For your pet’s health, provide them with chew toy or a bird mirror along with other items to help them pass the time. With their parrot toys, pet birds are physically and mentally healthy.


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