Barbecue Sauce Buying Guide

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Why use barbecue sauce?

Barbecue sauce (BBQ sauce) is sauce used for flavoring; it is a marinade, a basting sauce, a condiment or placed on top of the meat cooked in the grill. Meat can be pork or beef ribs and chicken. It gives the meat extra flavor.


Choose from three varieties:


It is either tomato and vinegar base or tomato and sugar base. Tomato-vinegar based sauce is used as a basting liquid throughout the cooking process/Start basting one to two hours before cooking is done. Tomato-sugar based sauce is best applied at the end of cooking. Baste with this sauce 8-10 minutes before cooking is done and remember to flip the meat frequently to prevent burning.



Yellow mustard, vinegar and seasonings like Worcestershire sauce and black pepper are mixed to make the mustard-based barbecue sauce. Mustard-based sauce is typically more of a finishing sauce that does not require cooking. It gets more flavorful with an overnight resting period, so mix up this sauce a day in advance. While frequently paired with pork dishes, this sauce also works well with chicken.



Tangy, spicy and thin sauce is the vinegar-based sauce that is used to cut through fat of the traditional barbecue. Use this kind of barbecue sauce during the entire cooking process or include a small amount on fatty cuts of pork like pork shoulder.


During the cooking process, use sauce to baste the meat. Apply every 20 minutes for 1 to 2 hours before meat is finished.


BBQ rub versus BBQ sauce versus BBQ marinade

A BBQ rub makes meat more flavorful. Preparation a day or two prior to the BBQ: apply rub to the meat and wrapped with butcher paper or plastic wrap. Keep inside the fridge. With BBQ rub, you are enhancing meat flavor.


BBQ sauce is applied once the chicken is almost ready to serve. The nice thing about sauce is that it is easy as there is no need to rub the sauce or wait until it interacts with flavor.
Prior to grilling, at least 4 house before grilling, marinade your chicken. To do so, pour the BBQ marinade in a bowl and make sure to cover the chicken so it has a chance to seep into the meat. BBQ marinade is a good method of making your meat more flavorful.


What makes a good barbecue sauce!

1. Texture: They can be anywhere from thin and runny to molasses-thick. The texture helps define the best use for the sauce.

2. Aroma: Tantalizing smell can make or break a sauce. Be sure that the sauce gives off delicious aroma.

3. Flavor: You can make it sweeter and/or thicker with a balance of tang and heat. Let out the acidic tang, but make it thicker and a bit sweeter using the tomato paste, and round it out with peppery heat.


And there are health benefits too!

Barbeque sauce is made from different ingredients. Many of the ingredients that are used in the sauce possess vital nutrients. These nutrients are responsible for making BBQ sauce a good health food. Studies found that barbeque sauce can offer some vital health benefits including heart health benefits.


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