Backpack Buying Guide

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About backpacks

Backpacks have many names like bookbags, kitbags, knapsacks, plus others but it is just a cloth sack carried your back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders; although, there can be other designs. Backpacks are popular with students, bikers and girls who preferred to carry cute backpacks rather than used handbags for carrying any sort of equipment, because of the difficulty of carrying heavy weights for an extended duration of time in the hands.


Some common types of backpack

Overnight Backpack is slightly bigger to hold personal essentials and clothing for an overnight trip with extra slots and pockets. Hiking Backpack must have plenty of lash-on-points; loops, pockets, and higher-end ones that might even feature a hip belt frame and others.


Cycling Backpack moves your gear conveniently and accommodates changing loads with ease while keeping load comfortably stable on your body, Snow sports Backpack carries your skis or snowboard so choose a pack that fits you snugly without limiting your movements. Work Backpack for working people is also a laptop backpack that has a compartment for his laptop and will contain other things that he will need like extra corporate clothes, shoes, etc.

Travel Backpack is designed like a suitcase with lots of zippered compartments to make them easier to live any kind of adventure you’ll have that day. Rolling backpacks are ideal use for school as they have wheels for easy carriage of school things. Rolling backpacks are fave choices of kids in school.


How to Choose a Backpack

Planning to buy a new backpack for the backcountry? There are three main areas in bookbags to make choices:

  • Capacity: The length of your trip will determine the size of your pack, how much weight and bulk you want to carry.
  • Features: How the backpack works for you is determined by the refinement of its features.
  • Fit: Torso length matters most than your height.


Look at backpack pockets

Elasticized pockets located at the sides are flat when empty, but is stretchable it to accommodate loose objects, tent poles or water bottle. Hipbelt pockets of cute backpacks accommodate small items you want to retrieve immediately as your packets of energy gel, smartphone, snacks, etc…


Shovel pockets are in front of backpacks with a buckle closure at the top and are basically flaps stitched. Front pockets are adds-on to the exterior shovel pocket for holding smaller, less-bulky items.


Why backpacks need ventilation mesh?

Some packs have a back panel of suspended mesh to overcome the sweaty-back syndrome you are likely to contact with internal frame packs that brushes against your back. The frame-supported packbag has trampoline-like design that frame-sis located several inches from your back and does not rest against the mesh that is highly breathable. Ventilation as chimneys is built into back panels to promote airflow.


Buy a backpack for its versatility

Backpacks are so versatile; not only as laptop backpack but a zippered stash spot is found near the bottom of a packbag. As a sleeping bag, it is a useful feature and when not in use; this space can hold other gear that you can reach easily.


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