Automotive Spotlights Top 10 Rankings

Automotive spotlight is quintessential piece of any emergency supply kit and it should have a place alongside your spare tire, emergency cones and tire inflator. Today, major makes and brands produce automotive spotlights in a wide variety of features and ergonomic designs. Thanks to advances in light-emitting diode (LED) technology and top-notch flashlight construction, there are plenty of automotive spotlight options to choose from.  

We announce latest rankings of best Automotive Spotlights. We researched countless popular items & selected the top 10. Check reviews also before buying! 

Glotech 4″ LED Light Bar
Glotech 4″ LED Light Bar package include 8 x 48W LED work light, screw and mounting bracket. It can be installed on different trucks, SUVs, cars, ships and other means of transport. The bracket is easy to install.
  • Low consumption energy saving.
  • Shake-proof.
  • Long life span and stable performance.
Glotech 4
85 /100

Stanley FL5W10 LED
This 5 Watt & rechargeable spotlight is ideal for camping or boating trips. It also comes in handy in a variety of emergencies, especially power outage situations. It can be submerged in six feet of water without getting damaged and will float face up when dropped into water.
  • Ultra- bright LED gets up to 520 Lumens.
  • 3 Trigger Mode: High/ Low/ Off.
  • Durable waterproof housing.
Stanley FL5W10 LED
86 /100

Auxbeam 77721805 LED FOG LIGHT
This automotive spotlight can be used for virtually any lighting application – from off roading to marine vehicles to agricultural vehicles. Its compact size and shape allow the dual LED Light to fit almost anywhere.
  • Efficient lighting.
  • Adjustable mounting brackets (up to about 45 degrees).
  • Automotive Spotlights
Auxbeam 77721805
86 /100

This automotive spotlight is for vehicles, car, ATV, SUV, UTE, mining, boat, Jeep, off-road, trailer, motor, bicycle, Excavators, truck, tractor and other heavy equipments. Package included 4 pcs 4″ LED Work light and 4 sets mounting brackets.
  • Toughed glass lens material.
  • 18W 30 degree high output LED lights.
  • Die-cast aluminum housing.
TURBOSII 18W SPOT Automotive Spotlights
87 /100

Auxbeam 70022170 4″ CREE LED Light Bar
Auxbeam 70022170 4″ CREE LED Light Bar uses the world famous CREE chips and 60 degree flood beam design to longer valid irradiation distance and width while consuming little power. With adjustable mounting brackets, easily change the position and direction.
  • Wide operating voltage range.
  • Wiring harness.
  • IP67, great performance of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof.
Auxbeam 70022170
88 /100

Auxbeam 77704605AX 7″ CREE LED Light Bar
This automotive spotlight is made of CREE LEDs, at 6,000K Color Temperature with 3600 Lumens. Its back housing and front cover can be separated, dismantled easily and replaced. High performance of tight waterproof, dustproof, quakeproof, designed to withstand any condition. Further valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb.
  • Spot beam pattern.
  • High quality 6063 aluminum body and aluminum brackets.
  • Convenient and easy to install bottom mounting brackets.
Auxbeam 77704605AX Automotive Spotlights
90 /100

Rigid Industries 20221 Dually
Rigid Industries 20221 Dually Automotive Spotlight produces extremely high output while consuming very little power. Its compact size and shape allow it to fit almost anywhere and be used for virtually any lighting application.
  • Patented hybrid optics system.
  • 10º spot pattern.
  • Quality construction.
Rigid Industries 20221
93 /100

Auxbeam 70019379 LED Light Bar
The 4″ 18 W Auxbeam 70019379 LED Light Bar can be used for different types of trucks, Off-road vehicles, 4×4, Military, Mining, Boating, Farming and Heavy Equipment etc. It has longer valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb.
  • Easily change position and direction with adjustable mounting brackets.
  • Efficient cooling.
  • Greater visibility without eye fatigue.
Auxbeam 70019379
93 /100

Auxbeam 77718287AX LED Light Bar
This 18W automotive spotlight has low current draws that do no harm to battery and save gas. It has longer valid irradiation distance than normal halogen bulb. It has suitable vertical fins design for vetter cooling.
  • Adjustable cube light to about 45 degrees.
  • Energy efficient design.
  • Rustproof & anti-corrosive stainless mounting brackets.
Auxbeam 77718287AX
94 /100

WASING 10W LED Spotlight
WASING 10W LED Spotlight has 4 levels of lighting namely Strong light, Economic light, Flash light and Emergency Light. Its Lithium Ion battery stays charged for up to 12 months. Package include spotlight, AC/DC/ adaptor, car charger & shoulder strap.
  • Reaches up to 1000 Lumens.
  • Two aluminum refectors design for double heat released.
  • Overcharge and discharge protection.
WASING WASING-WS-827-orange Automotive Spotlights
96 /100
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Automotive Spotlights Buying Guide

 Navigating the Dozens of Options

Keeping an automotive spotlight underneath your car’s hood is more important than you can imagine. What happens when you require changing your tires on the dark side of the road or what if your vehicle breaks down in total darkness? What will you do when you need to desperately dig through your console and car seats to find your lost phones and keys? Unless you have a mechanic spotlight handy, you won’t have to fumble in the dark.