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It’s cool to wear waist bags

Called by many names, fanny pack, belly bag, or hip sack are safe places to put your things within arm’s reach and convenient. Today, many people find this type of bag as convenient for their lifestyle. Some celebrities carrying these bags created some aura of glamour.
Look at Kourtney Kardashian who paired light-wash skinny jeans from Chanel with black boots and plunging silk top plus her glamorous hip pack.


Spotted on the set of her latest movie, Katie Holmes had a trendy belt bag clinging around her waist wearing comfy skinny cream jeans, beige sandals with cocoa zip-up sweater. Even the ROCK has his own fanny pack and proudly shows it while Matthew Mcconaughey is ready for action with his waist bag.


Why buy a waist pack?

It’s cool! It is the trend and makes life more convenient. Belt bag is more comfortable than you think. It is often carried in the central location of your body alleviating the weight from the back or shoulder and the strain that comes from carryings a tote or a traditional purse or messenger bag. Waist bags make air travel incredibly easy and just the right size fanny pack to hold a boarding pass, a passport, and a pen. They make a bold statement about you. It’s like telling the world that you believe that fashion has its own reason for being and you are not ashamed to wear one of these strap-on croco pouches and show yourself to the crowd.


Go ahead, buy that belt bag but first consider

Capacity for storage

You have to think carefully about what you want to carry with you, and shop around for the best fanny bag at minimal cost. There must be adequate space so you can bring all items you need.


How many pockets

Several pockets help keep certain items separate from each other. You keep your credit cards in a pocket separate from your phone and probably for safety inside a smaller zipped pocket. In general, there will always be a big compartment found in all bags but there will be smaller ones too for carrying coins and other smaller items.


Get the lightweight

A lightweight waist bag helps a lot in taking off extra strains from your back when carrying it. So consider the weight as important factor in purchasing a bag. Think about all those items you have to carry.


It has power to conceal – Some fanny packs are able to be concealed so you have extra security. A money belt is security for carrying some amount of cash. You will feel secure moving around with your valuables especially in a crowd or within a dangerous area. It is not easy to keep away from the crowd and some people are there for evil intentions. This is the time when you really need a hip pack to keep your valuables.


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