Vitamin C Buying Guide

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About the Big C

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is an important part in the vitamin world. Water-soluble with powerful antioxidant, it helps the body build and maintain connective tissue in the blood vessels, bones and skin. Humans are endogenous and unlike most animals cannot synthesize vitamin C. They need to have their own essential dietary component.


Vitamin C sources in fruits and veggies

Human body does not make vitamin C on its own, and it does not store it either, so it is important that plenty of fruits and veggies containing vitamin C are part of your diet. Top 10 foods rich in ascorbic acid: *guava, *red pepper, *oranges, *kale, *kiwi, *green pepper, *broccoli, *Brussels sprouts, *grapefruit and *strawberries.


Best vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplements are found in a number of different types:
*Ascorbic acid is considered as most common form); *Calcium ascorbate; *Sodium ascorbate; *Ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids; *Mineral ascorbates; and *Liposomal vitamin C, i.e. Lypo-spheric™.

Packaged Liposomal vitamin C like a bodily cell passes easily through the digestive track barrier and delivers directly the nutrient to the bloodstream. Consequently, 90% of the cells are being bathed in vitamin C.


Vitamin C benefits

1. Cancer treatment

Vitamin C in high doses elevates the cancer-fighting effect of drugs used in chemotherapy. Researchers stated that vitamin C can be a cancer remedy that is safe and more economical than other treatment. It can be an effective cure for ovarian and lung cancer.


2. Fights off colds and flu

Vitamin C benefits immune system and plays a large role in your body’s ability to fight off the viruses of colds and flu. It minimizes the danger of developing more serious complications, like pneumonia and lung infections.


3. Eliminates free radical

Vitamin C is a protection against damage due to the effect of harmful molecules known as free radicals, including chemicals that are toxic and pollutants.


4. Improves physical performance

Vitamin C improves physical performance and muscle strength especially true in older people. It improves your oxygen & iron intake and mineral absorption. It reduces inflammation and the development of disease.


5. Improves the immunity system to handle stress

Vitamin C is beneficial to who are weakened due to stress. An ideal overall tool for good health is the big C.


6. Lowers gout risk

Vitamin C has been known to be an effective reducing the risk of gout. This is a type of arthritis that mainly afflicts the big toe.


7. Lowers risk of stroke

The highest concentrations of vitamin C in the blood had a 42% lower stroke risk. If you eat fresh fruits and nutritious veggies, you have higher blood levels of vitamin C. Be sure to increase the amount of fruits and veggies that you consume in one day to lower the risk of strokes.


8. Promotes healthy skin and collagen formation

Higher vitamin C intakes of older persons can be the best option to have young-looking and healthy skin as well as slow aging. Protein formed from Vitamin used to make skin firmer, tendons & ligaments healthier, and blood vessels stronger. It helps to heal your wound and it form scar tissue.


Vitamin C is your vitamins that are loaded with many health benefits. Be sure to include foods and supplements high on C in your grocery list.


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