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Toy food galore!

Have you tried viewing play food in It so amazing how well they resemble the real thing! There are play food set for any occasion and all kinds of toy food for pretend play of social occasion. How realistic it would be playing with them in your child’s role as mommy in their play kitchen. Among the best sellers this week are: Slice and Bake Wooden Cookie; Cutting Food – Play Food Set and Pizza Party Wooden Play Food Set. Plus there are others that look so life-like that it’s difficult to say they are unreal.


Why not real food toy?

Toy food are play food, they are not for real. Why not give your kids real food to cook in the kids kitchen? Nice suggestion but this should not happen as real food is easily spoiled after a while and might cause illness for your child.


What are play food made up of?

Toy food can be made up of felt or paper. They will be a happy welcome in your toy kitchen. You can even DIY to economize and make a safe one. But in the big toy stores, they are made by manufacturers using wood, textiles and metal; nevertheless, the main component used in toys is plastic, such as polyolefins, styrene derived polymers and plasticized. PVC being the most used plastics in the toy sector.


Plastic toy are chemically free when?

Plastic toys are safe to play in the kids kitchen when made from natural materials, not from synthetic and man- made materials. Natural materials have been not been treated and grown organically such as organic cotton, natural rubber and untreated wood. Many toy manufacturers understood the importance of safety and are now manufacturing environmentally-friendly toys.


Make safe toy food

If you are the slightest bit crafty it is easy to make your own needle felted food. This is also a good way to save money. Make a toy apple from felt, it is so easy and takes only half-an-hour. An apple would take 1/2 hour max. It’s cheap too. A felting needle and foam block would not cost more than one bucks and the roving color would set you back about $10 for a small mixed bag. Refer to tutorials on you tube. It is worth giving a try! If you lack time but have an easy budget, buy toy food set in big stores. It would be a good supply to keep in your play kitchen. They are guaranteed to be safe and there are many others. Go to your internet now.


Toy food means a lot to the small ones. They play with these toys and at the same time made connection between eating and working. Their enthusiasm must not be hampered; otherwise, some facets of their development will be lacking.


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