Suitcases Buying Guide

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When you’re traveling for business or want some added safety for your luggage then suitcases are the best option. Depending on whether you’re traveling for business or sightseeing the type of suitcase you need to take will differ greatly. You also need to take into account how long you’ll be traveling for and what’s the maximum size allowed for Carry-On Luggage Bags by the airline you’ll be traveling with.


For What Kind Of Travel Will You Use It?

The type of suitcase you want will greatly differ depending on the type of travel you have in mind. Do you want a suitcase for when traveling through a plane, car, or some other kind of traveling? If you want to travel by flying, then you need to thoroughly go through their luggage guidelines to choose the right suitcase.

If it’s for car travel, then you need to look for a suitcase that can easily fit in the trunk of your car or lets you stack more suitcases on it. Lastly, if you plan to travel on a ship, then you need to look for square, rigid and stackable suitcases.


2 Wheels vs 4 Wheels

When it comes to suitcase wheels you have two options, two wheelers or four wheelers. Two wheelers tend to be lighter but are more likely to tip over and fall. These are easier to move around with and tend to be easier to maneuver as well as being easier to yank over curbs making them ideal for a sightseeing trip.


Four wheelers, on the other hand, tend to be heavier and sturdier as well as providing more balance. A four wheeler suitcase can stand upright and are much easier to move in a straight lane but when it comes to maneuvering they leave a lot to be desired. These are ideal for vacations, especially when you plan to stay in a new place for at least a week.


Choosing The Right Material

When the time comes to decide what material suitcase you want to buy you’ll have two option ? Soft Shell & Hard Shell. Both soft and hard shell suitcases have their own unique benefits depending on the type of travel, space, and luggage.

If you aren’t carrying any volatile luggage then going with Soft Shell Suitcases is highly recommended since they are easier to fit in the overhead compartment as well as being light weight. Hard Shell Suitcases do offer more protection but are heavier and cost more.


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