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How to Cook the Ramen at Home?

If you are new to cooking, you do not have to worry, as ramen can even be cooked by a layman. All you need to do is to open the packet of noodle first. Once it is done, you shall find the noodle inside, along with a small pouch of tastemaker. Now, you can read the instructions given at the flip side of the packet, though preparing process for most of the ramen soups is almost same.

To cooking the noodle soup, you need to boil some water, as per your choice in a medium sized bowl. When water comes to boiling, you need to slide in the noodle. Now, you just have to wait for one to two minutes. Thereafter, you need to add tastemaker to the boiling water and noodle. This is how your simple ramen soup is ready.

This is basically the basic recipe of cooking ramen. You can modify the recipe, as per your wish. Modifying recipe or adding certain ingredients will make the final dish tastier and more savory. So, what are the additional ingredients that you can add? How to prepare ramen soup in different styles? In the following section, you can find a guide to some major ramen recipes.


Egg Drop Ramen Soup

If you are in hurry and you want to give a simple yet tasteful twist to your noodle soup made with ramen, you can opt for this recipe. It involves one additional ingredient only and that is a full egg. For one packet ramen, one egg is recommended. If you need, you can choose to go for more than one egg to prepare your ramen. The choice totally depends on you.

After putting the tastemaker, you need to slide in an egg to the soup and then turn off the flame of your stove. Your egg drop ramen is ready. It is healthy as well as tasty. You can serve it with chives or other fresh herbs on top to add some aromatic touch to the recipe.


Miso Ramen Soup

Various ramen recipes are there, including Korean ramen, Miso ramen, etc. Miso ramen is an interesting recipe. You can use pork slices or bacons for the dish. Boiled eggs and mushrooms can also be added. The overall preparation is quite delicious. In Miso ramen, soup is not present at high percentage. However, if you wish you can add soup as much as you want. Burnt garlic is another important ingredient of this recipe.


Seafood Ramen Soup

To make your ramen enriched with proteins and good cholesterol, you can choose to go for the recipe known as seafood ramen soup. You can add seafood as per your choice, including boneless fish, prawn, squid, crabmeat, etc.


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