Meat Thermometer Buying Guide

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Why use food thermometer?

Food temperature is the only way to guarantee that your food is safely cooked for using a food thermometer measures the internal temperature. A food thermometer has vital uses as it keeps your food safe from harmful food bacteria and prevents overcooking the meat so it stays flavorful and juicy.


How to use a meat thermometer?

For a precise reading of temperature, find the thickest part of the meat and insert probe of your kitchen thermometer; for chicken this would be the breast or leg. Follow closely until the end temperature of your meat when the target is reached; take the meat out from the oven or any heat source and let it rest for 5 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute before serving.


Reasons to use a meat thermometer

1. Avoid illness – Specific cuts of meat need to be cooked to precise temperatures to make sure dangerous bacteria are killed.

2. Prevent overcooking – Don’t ruin an elegant meal or backyard barbecue by serving dry, tough, overcooked meat that you can easily avoid this by using a meat or grill thermometer.

3. Get rid of guesswork -No two cuts of meat are alike as cooking time is you only way to determine if the meat is done or your meat will end up unevenly cooked. The result: some pieces are cooked perfectly while others are overcooked or undercooked while others end up burnt!

4. Keep temperature safe – Use a thermometer to check if safe temp is maintained every time you are serving meat buffet-style for cooling meat quickly becomes bacteria’s breeding ground.

5. Reheat food for temperature safety – Only by reheating meat to temperatures will keep it safe for often uneven heat or cold spots are found all over reheated meats. Use a meat thermometer every time to confirm that heat is the right temp.


Types of meat thermometers


These thermometers can be programmed for specific cuts of meat and are user-friendly so it could easily be read.


Oven or microwave-safe

Place the meat inside the oven- and microwave-safe before cooking and be sure it is the right temp. Thermometers are versatile; they can also be used to measure the temperatures of casseroles or soups and other foods.


Food thermometer with a timer

Timer thermometers are great aides if your guests have arrived or you need last minute task to step away from the kitchen for a while. Simply place the thermometer probe in the meat, and set the timer for alarm will go off when meat reaches the perfect temperature.


Instant read

This type of temperature is used to check the meat for doneness and best for quick temperature reading since you only need to place the probe into the meat.


Thermometer fork

Except for the sensor contained within the fork tines, it is similar to instant-read thermometers and another benefit of this type of cooking thermometer is that you can use the fork to handle the meat, which makes it great for grilling. If you you are cooking BBQ the traditional way, use grill thermometer so you can determine if proper heat already killed all pathogens.


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