Kids Playhouses Buying Guide

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Kid’s Playhouses are the toy buildings that impersonate real houses and are loved by the kids. They don’t just entertain the kids but also help them develop motor skills, creative imagination and interactive abilities. There are various alternatives available on the market so the buyers need to consider a few deciding factors before making a purchase.


Key Factors

Before making the purchase the parents must keep in view the following key factors to select the right playhouse for their kids.



These playhouses can be placed both indoor and outdoor, depending on where there is enough space to set it up. The outdoor houses are usually made of more substantial material to withstand cold, moisture, wind and dirt. On the other hand, indoor houses are made of lighter material and they can’t be used outdoor due to weather resistance inability. While some multi-functional houses are also available on the market which combine the basic features of both the indoor and outdoor houses to facilitate you. So decide firsthand, where you want to set up your kid’s playhouse.



Mostly, the playhouses are made of cardboard, plastic, wood, fabric or a combination of them. Cardboard playhouses are the lightest, easy to transport but not so durable. Plastic ones offer both light-weight and durability which makes them a popular choice. Wooden playhouses provide the most realistic experience to your kids, are durable and weather resistant but can’t be transported easily. Fabric playhouses are light, easy to relocate but get dirty and are unstable sometimes. So, select the material according to your requirement.


Age and Sex

Playhouses are designed according to the interests of different age groups. There is also a variety that appeals to just boys or girls and some of them are unisex. So make a smart choice by keeping the age and sex of your child in view.


Playhouse Size

Playhouses are available in different sizes, so the parents must decide where they want to set it up and measure the dimensions of that area to help them select a house that can be easily placed in the designated area.


Additional Features

Playhouses have added features that can make the kids have more fun and get more creative for example, electronic details like doorbells, slides, working doors, furniture, intricate details etc. The right choice should be made by keeping your kid’s taste and your finances in view.


You can choose the ideal playhouse for your kids by considering these key features.


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