Iroing products Buying Guide

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Ironing doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. The right Iron can help soften your boundary lines as easily as your dresses. Steam station irons are speedily gaining more popularity. If you are after a superior product that produces a lot of steam and does the job quickly and with minimal agitation, one of these could be a worthwhile investment.


Keep it simple

Technology has come a long way since pressing irons were made of iron, but the traditional design still dominates the market. These models are inexpensive and get the job done quickly, which helps increase your free time so you can pass on things that are more important.


What to look for

Your iron should be able to:

  • Control your temperature effectively to handle different textiles
  • Produce a good amount of steam without dripping or spraying water
  • Slip effortlessly on your clothes


When buying an iron, these few elements should be considered:

Variable steam:

allows you to regulate the amount of steam produced during iron so that you can eliminate the folds of clothing and release for the most sensitive fabrics.


Vertical steam

allows you to plant heavy objects, such as curtains while hanging.


Steam boost functions

give you an extra amount of steam at the push of a button, to overwhelm rebellious wrinkles



Look for an iron that has reliable and precise control over the temperature of the soleplate, so you can deal with a wide range of fabrics to put your new steam machine to work for the whole family. The controls should also be clearly visible and easy to adjust so you can continue with the task in question


The Weight

A lightweight iron is easy to move, but requires more downward pressure when used, while a heavier one requires less pressure, but can make a new spin on the iron.



Non-stick sole is usually easier to clean than stainless steel but be careful not to etch it as this can lead to friction over time. Polished stainless steel can work well, but it is also likely to scratches and blemishes.


Drip protection

This prevents water from dripping through the sole and potentially can stain fabrics, especially at low temperatures.


Translucent water reservoir

This will make you easily see the water level in your steam iron during filling and when the level is low.



This feature allows you to set the iron to remove scale deposits that could clog steam valves and holes in the soleplate.


Storage Cable

Search on a heel designed to wind the cable around it, and a clip to fix it.


Auto power off

This cuts the iron supply after standing still for some time. Most give an audible signal when they come out, then they will hear if they left and left the iron on (again).


The power light

This safety feature allows the iron to be on, and therefore remain hot.


Button slot

A gap between the iron body and soleplate facilitates navigation buttons and help beginners avoid melt. Always a good thing.


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