Bodyboard Buying Guide

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Size is important

It should be kept in mind that the board should be up to your navel when you’re standing on its end, a few centimeters can be overlooked. If the board is too small, it will start to sink and on the other hand, if it’s too big, you will find yourself struggling to control it. You should get a board which also feels comfortable when you carry it under your arm.


Picking Cores for peak performance

Although you’re not able to see the Core of a bodyboard but there’s no doubt that it is the most important part. It is the aspect which describes the type of a board and if you use it in the right manners, you will be able to progress, enjoy the sport throughout and it will prove to be really helpful for you to reach your full potential. If you wind up getting the Core type wrong then there is a pretty good chance that you would never get it to become your true companion on the waves. It won’t feel right.


The core boards is usually made out of either polyethylene (also called dow or PE), or polypropylene (polypro or PP). Boards which have a Dow core are heavier and comparatively more flexible than polypro and they are a better option for cold waters and big waves. Although Dow cored boards can absorb water over time or when damaged.


The Widepoint

The wide point of a bodyboard is literally the widest point down from the nose of the board. Boards which have their wide point towards the middle usually work pretty well in most conditions, they work equally well for prone (lying) and drop knee (semi standing) positions both.


As the wide point of a board is further up the board, the more directional the board will be. This factor proves helpful when in bigger waves, where your weight is pulled a little further up the board for speed. The best and easy way to evaluate how wide a board is as compared to another board is to lay them down side by side


Stringers (Rods) & Mesh

Usually, stringers are installed inside boards to provide them with some extra strength; they also help the board to vault back into its genuine shape. If you put too many stringers on a board it will make the board too stiff. One stringer usually proves to be enough if the core of the board is strong. The stingers in cheaper boards are something like as simple as plastic pipes.


Good quality stringers are made out of carbon fibers and taper throughout their length. This provides you with a bit more flex at the top half of the board where more control is required.


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