Baby Playard Buying Guide

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Your baby’s playard

Playard is the newer term referring to a playpen. Some models are portable that you easily packed up for travel. Most come with a carrying case, some go a step higher by having wheels so it can be wheeled like a suitcase. Do you know that a new item in the baby shower’s gift registry is a playard? Many new parents use a play yard as a temporary sleep space close to their own bed for the first few months of baby’s life.


Choose a good one

Here are some guidelines on what to shop for and how to keep your infant play yard safe and sound. Baby’s playard must be equipped with secured locking or fastening devices for drop & folding sides and ends of panel. Set up playpen away from any electrical item, phone, and window-blind cords. Never tie toys or anything else to the top or sides. Portability requires that play yard can be folded for travel in some way.


Accessories of kids playpen such as bassinets will also have an age limit or instructions to stop using when baby can already sit up or roll over. It must be easy to clean as babies are endlessly messy. Some play yards have sheets that zip off or detach easily for washing. Others have wipe-clean surfaces. Playpens may cost as low as $50 from a simple model or as high as $300 or even more for a model with full-featured design and made from luxury fabrics.


Rules for sleeping

Keep your play yard clear of toys before putting the baby to sleep. Check that playpen’s mattress is not one inch thick it is snugly fitted to baby from falling into the area between the pad’s edge and the play yard as this is a hazard for suffocation. For the safety safe, avoid adding another mattress, or never pad with pillows or blankets or pile bedding on top of your baby.


Age limit for playard

Most mothers allow their kids to stay in their pens until two years or even up to two and a half years. Some mothers believe there is no age limit; as soon as the toddlers climb out of the pen, then it is time for them to leave their safety haven.


Here are different ways you can use your play yard.

Napping – Use playpen for baby to nap in another room when the room is noisy with other siblings.

Use the place to give an ideal venue for the baby to have independent playtime where he could play alone; however you must be nearby for safety.

For a whole-day camping on a beach or resort; you should have a cool shelter or full-size umbrella to bring kids playpen.

If you have impromptu visits and the baby gets tired, there’s infant play yard for the baby to sleep.

Moms just need a minute to calm down, to relax, to stop being angry, to pee. to call a friend, to call your mother or whatever. Your playpen is a great saver to allow you a few peaceful moments from all the movable antics of your little crawler or pre-toddler.

Let babies sleep in a playpen in your room for their first few months of life.


These are novel uses for baby’s playpen; and it will continue to serve you, you can use it for the next baby!

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