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Altimeter is a basic flight instrument that measures the height above sea level or altitude. Altimeters are commonly used by pilots to fly aircraft more efficiently at high altitude and overcome air resistance. Inside an altimeter’s casing is the set of three sealed aneroid wafers that have the ability to expand and contract. Today, the appearance and types of altimeters widely vary.

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YingYing Fr500 Multifunction Outdoor
YingYing Fr500 Altimeter features electronic pressure weather forecast (sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy, rainy) and pressure trend indicators. It can also function as a hygrometer measuring relative humidity (20% - 95%).
  • Built-in rechargable battery.
  • Adopt super-accuracy sensor from Swiss.
  • 24 hours air pressure trend chart.
YingYing Fr500 Altimeter
Suunto Ambit2 S GPS Training Watch
This is equipped with a range of sensory receptors that enable it to interact dynamically with its environment. Data pertaining to the wearer's location, workload, intensity, biomechanics and activity can be recorded, analysed, and subsequently extrapolated to Suunto sports apps.
  • Water Resistance - 50m (according to ISO 6425).
  • Firmware Upgradable - Yes.
  • Battery Type - Rechargeable lithium-ion.
Suunto Ambit2
Suunto SS018734000 Core Alu
Suunto SS018734000 Altimeter is a wrist-top computer watch which also has barometer, compass, and weather indicator. Its altimeter displays current elevation, shows ascent or descent, and records session. Its barometer helps you predict changing conditions.
  • Water Resistance : 3 ATM / 30 meters / 100 feet.
  • Black rubber strap.
  • Round plastic case.
Suunto SS018734000
La Crosse XG-55 Digital
Designed to be versatile enough to wear while hiking the trails or exporing a new city, the La Crosse XG-55 has sophisticated electronic sensors to measure altitude, direction, barometric pressure, temperature and weather forecast.
  • Dual time display.
  • 100-lap memory function.
  • Case is water-resistant to 30 feet.
La Crosse XG-55
Technidea PRO-2000 ZIPLEVEL High Precision
Technidea PRO-2000 ZIPLEVEL Altimeter revolutionizes elevation measurement again by allowing paper-thin precise measurements to 0.005 inch without the use of lasers. It is designed to save significant time and money on the job site.
  • No line-of-sight required.
  • Does not amplify error over distance.
  • Never needs factory calibration.
Technidea PRO-2000
Sun 205 AltiLINQ Dashboard Mount
Sun Company 205 Altimeter mounts easily to front or top of dashboard. It measures altitude, up to 15,000 ft. It includes weather trend indicator (shows if weather is improving or worsening).
  • Battery free analog design.
  • Two sets of hook-and-loop fastener.
  • Also measures barometric pressure.
Sun Company 205
SUN Analog Design Barometer & Altimeter
This is a handy altimeter plus barometer with hardside housing and lanyard. It measures barometric pressure in inches of Mercury. It has a battery-free analog design and is very lightweight.
  • Altimeter and barometer components made in Japan.
  • Altitude range: 0 to 15,000 feet.
  • Includes Weather Trend Indicator.
SUN Barometer & Altimeter
Suunto SS018729000 Vector Wristop
This has a modern design and classy style. It can be use for running, cycling, mountain biking and more. Its black band material is resin and has a buckle clasp.
  • Water resistant (up to 30 meters).
  • Digital display.
  • Polyamide case material.
Suunto SS018729000
Jolly Logic JL-A1 AltimeterOne
Jolly Logic JL-A1 AltimeterOne is for use in stuff that flies (model rockets, planes, quadcopters, helis, kites, gliders, falconry). Its durable construction and convenient tether point make this the only altimeter that can be mounted just about anywhere.
  • Recharges in any USB port.
  • Tiny and rugged.
  • No batteries required.
Jolly Logic JL-A1 altimeter watch
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Altimeter Buying Guide

 Fundamental Flight Device

Flying an aircraft is a critical operation. By using altimeters, pilots can measure the altitude or your height above sea level to ensure flight safety and fly airplanes more efficiently especially on bad weather conditions. For example, Mount Everest has approximately 5.5 miles altitude and flying at 6.2 miles won’t give the pilot much room to maneuver.