Bathtub Toy Buying Guide

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Benefits Beyond Fun

We know that bath time can be a challenging time for a lot of parents. But it doesn’t have to be difficult for you. A bathroom toy can make bath time fun for your child and less challenging for you. You can choose from a plethora of designs, forms and attractive colors of a bathroom toy to use leaving your child always wanting to hit your bathroom door.


A bath toy is not only fun, attractive and entertaining but it can be very beneficial for both the children and the parents. With age-appropriate bath toy in hand, it can make bathing your child less challenging. You can wash her hair and trim her nails since the child are too busy having fun to care. Besides entertainment value, kid’s bath toy can help them develop socially, emotionally and physically.


Some bath toy manufacturers produce bathroom toys that are designed for creative development and improve your child’s language skills.


With several options of brands, prices and creative designs of kid bath toy, how would you make the right choice? Here’s the fun part. We’ve enlist some points that we think are important when choosing an appropriate toy for your child.


Safe and Practical

Safety should always come first. Before buying the most attractive bath toy that’s drawing your eyes, make sure the toy is not made of toxic components such as BPA, PVC and phthalate. A bathroom toy which made from natural rubber is considered to be a safe and ideal choice. When you cannot resist choosing plastic bath toys, they should be at least PVC-free.


Aside from materials and construction, the bathroom toy of your choice should have the appropriate safety labels. A safety label is a good indication that the toy has met all the safety requirements and has been tested or certified.


When it comes to choosing the style and design of bathroom toys, pick the one that will look appealing to your kids. Children usually love unusual shapes in bright high contrasting colors. When choosing the shape, make sure it is ergonomic so the toy is comfortable and less offensive for your kids to handle. Aside from shapes and colors, you want to offer your kids with bathroom toys that are pleasing to touch.


Follow the rule of the thumb when choosing a bath toy – it should be age-appropriate for your child. Toys that can be ideal for infant will be useless and boring for a toddler.


Last but the not least, always look for premium quality to ensure safety and durability. Choose from renowned brands that have earned impressive reputation for making safe and high quality products for kids. Choosing high quality products allows you to avoid disappointments from cheaply-made children’s goods.


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